"I've been using so many products for my skin but this cream is truly amazing" - Romea, Cherished Customer

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  • It's an aqueous-based body cream. That's neither too thick. Nor too thin. But just right.
  • Offering a rich, nourishing experience that you. And your family will love. Making your family's skin look youthful and radiant. All throughout the day.

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Nourishing Hydration

You'll leave your skin feeling soft. And well-nourished. So you can say goodbye to dryness. And hello to a healthier. More radiant you.

Gentle & Non-Greasy

It's non-sticky. Non-greasy. Ensuring your skin remains comfortable and well-moisturized without feeling oily.


You'll share the delight of a quality body cream. Working for your entire family. It's gentle on every member. From kids to parents.

Plant your family's skin in safe hands.

When choosing a skin care solution for your family. It's always wise to take your time finding the right product. So you can feel confident. Knowing your family's skin in safe hands...

Get the highest skincare possible.

That's why the Regular Cream is your #1 choice. It's ideal for sensitive skin. Causes no irritation. And doesn't disrupt your skin's natural balance. Ensuring your family gets the highest skincare possible.

Why cherished customers love It...

"I've been using so many products for my skin but this cream is truly amazing. I've been using it and Im still using it especially for my face because of my acne and ever since I started using it my skin looks much healthier and moisturized. Not only that but it makes your skin feel great too!"

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Will it leave my skin feeling greasy?

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Is the cream it all natural?

Can I use the Regular Cream on my face?

Is the Regular Cream safe for sensitive skin?

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What makes The SVT Family Healing Regular Cream different?

You're not only buying a product. You're fueling a mission.

When you make a purchase. You're not only buying a product. You're helping to spread healing. Happiness. And joy to family's all across South Africa.

30-day money back guarantee.

If you're not happy with your purchase. We offer a free 30-day refund policy. So you can shop with confidence. Knowing your purchases are risk-free.


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